Reserve A Room

We have an event room that can hold up to 40 people. It has tables and chairs. Our event room is available for use free of charge for Meet-up groups who fall within our mission and for all non-profit organizations to be used for conferences, presentations, and meetings.

The room is NOT free for any event in which a fee is charged to attend, or a ticket is required to be purchased. If you are interested in using the room for this type of event, please contact us about the room rental fees.

You must return it to the same condition as you find it. Food and drink is NOT allowed in the event room. All attendees will be required to sign a liability waiver before entering our facility.

We appreciate you asking our Maker on Duty to give a short 3 minute description of our makerspace at the beginning of your meeting and offering a tour to your attendees at the end of your meeting.

You may reserve the room to use between 11 AM and 9 PM, up to 6 months in advance, subject, of course, to our need to teach classes, workshops, and seminars.​ We reserve the right to cancel a reservation 30 days prior if our organization must use the room.

Fill in the form below and we will respond within two business days. Please make your reservation requests at least one week in advance.

If you have questions about a reservation you have already made, contact

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