Something For Everyone

We have over 28,000 square feet of workspace and the tools to fill it.


Our woodshop has a comprehensive collection of high quality woodworking tools. We have the necessities like an 18” planer, an 8” jointer, a SawStop Table Saw and several bandsaws. We have more specialist tools like lathes, mortisers, dovetail jigs. And of course plenty of hand tools. Our woodshop also features a 4’x4’ ShopBot CNC router. You're certain to find the tools you need.

Metal Shop

The Metal Shop encompasses a wide range of equipment for all types of metal working. Sheet metal tools include a manual shear, Rotex Punch, finger brake, and a host of hand tools. Our machining area hosts multiple Bridgeport mills and several types of lathes, a column drill for heavy duty drilling purposes, surface grinders and more.

Laser Cutters

Our 45-watt Epilog Helix has a 24 x 18 inch bed size, and “prints” files from Illustrator, Inkscape, CorelDraw, or other vector-based programs. We also have 2 larger 100-watt lasers with Ruida controllers that use Lightburn. Our 100W BossLaser LS2440 bed is 24 x 40 inches, and our 100W Red Laser bed is 700mm x 500mm. All laser cutters have an integrated filtration system.

Hot Sh​op

 The Hot Shop, where sparks really fly, is home to our two Miller 220 Multiprocess welders, capable of Stick, MIG, & TIG welding, several handheld plasma cutters, a CNC plasma table as well, in addition to the requisite welding and fixture tables, hand tools and more for welding and hot work.


Our Textiles & Sewing Studio includes 3 industrial Juki straight stitch and 1 Consew Walking Foot sewing machine, 8 Bernette domestic machines, 3 lightweight overlock sergers, and a industrial Juki serger. We also have a 15-needle CNC Barudan Embroidery machine and a king-size CNC long-arm quilter. We also provide most basic hand tools and have several donated notions.

3D Printers

Whether you’re printing a simple bracket or an elaborate cosplay piece, you can do it here! Our 3D printer lab features a fleet of Prusa i3 MK3S FDM printers. We also feature a Form 3 resin printer for that sweet high resolution.


 Our electronics lab is stocked with soldering and hot air stations, bench tools, and plenty of workspace. Take a look in our community pool of components if you need a few extra.

Fine Arts

We have plenty of space for you to work on paintings and other fine arts projects. Table easels and aprons are available. We also have resin tools and an outdoor work area for big projects.

Glass Working

We offer facilities and tools for lampwork and for stained glass making, including a hot-shop area, torches, soldering irons, grinders, and cutters. 

Leather Working

 Our leather-working station is set up with AWL the hand tools you could need, including punches, cutters, stamps, hammers, riveting and snap-setting tools, and stitching ponies.

Vinyl Cutting

Our 30” cutters are great for making stickers, banners, signs, and garment transfers from single color vinyl. Our 54” Summa DC4 thermal printer and cutter can create stickers and decals in full color.

Garment Printing

Learn to print your own t-shirts, tote bags, and other textile products on our 14”x16” Brother garment printer.

Retail Area

Our on-site retail shop includes acrylic and plywood for lasering, 3D printer filament, adhesive and heat press vinyl, router bits, glue, and other maker needs. We also have official Maker Nexus merch, all made in house by members.

Hardware Exchange

We maintain a community pool of small hardware like screws, bolts, nails, and pins. Spend more time making, and less time driving to the hardware store.

Scrap Bins

Our members love to share resources. Many of our areas have scraps bins free to all members.

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