Classes & Workshops

Whether you want to get trained to use the equipment we have in the makerspace, improve your design skills, or try your hand in a project class, you'll find a class here that suits your needs. All our classes are open to the public, and discounted for members of Maker Nexus. 

Tool Training

  Some equipment at Maker Nexus requires training because it’s easy to break, complex to operate or could cause injuries. Our Basic Operation and Safety Standards (BOSS) classes teach you everything you need to know to operate these tools.  Each student gets hands-on time with the equipment.


Our workshops are wonderful opportunities to try a new craft or dive deeper into techniques in a medium. We have all kinds of classes to help you learn and improve your maker skills. Many workshops are open to youth.

Featured Classes

BOSS Welding: MIG Mild Steel

Ages 16 and Up

Learn the basics of MIG welding. Passing this course is a safety requirement for all members who wish to reserve and use the equipment covered by this BOSS class.

Intro to
Fusion360 CAD

Ages 12 and Up

This course will introduce the student to Fusion 360 CAD, a software program where they can draw simple parts and objects in 3D that can be used with our computer controlled CNC equipment. ​

Basic Cutting Board I

Ages 14 and Up

​Learn the basics of making a two-tone cutting board! This is an ideal introductory woodworking project for those getting started or who want additional guidance with woodshop tools.

Home Electrical Repair I 

Ages 15 and Up

Learn how to safely replace a switch and an outlet and how to swap out a ceiling light, using a life-sized demonstration wall

Upcoming Classes

For monthly calendar view, visit the MN Classes & Workshops Google Calendar.

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